Monday, December 5, 2016

Scrapped Pictures into Miniature Booklets

Good Monday (12.5.16) morning.  Two weeks ago, I turned some scrapped pictures into miniature booklets for my two granddaughters.  This week, I’m trying something different.

This little booklet is for oldest granddaughter.  She is 16.  Originally, this was an art card.  The pencil drawings are the front and back cover.  On the inside cover and back cover are mixed media art I had inside the card.

Originally, the scrapped picture booklet I sent out two weeks ago, were just a little something I did after seeing a video on YouTube.  I didn’t take pictures.  Since I don’t like to post my girls online, I wouldn’t have posted them anyway.

But my daughter remarked just last night that her youngest who is 6, LOVED the little booklet and kept looking through it. 

Her booklet this week is just blank pages with some stickers on the front cover.  She can write in it or draw.  Here is the picture below.  (These are “purchased” stickers.)

I’m fairly sure she will enjoy it.  I used index cards for the cover and the pages.  It is a little primitive, but HECK!  I know she will love it.

In this one, you can see my hand holding it.  The other booklet is the same size, so they really are miniatures.

It’s the Monday that my little letters and matching envelopes go out.  Here's what it looks like this week.

As you can see, I put a little news about grandma in every letter.  (The six-year old calls me Grandma.  The sixteen-year old calls me Mamaw.  I called my own grandma "mamaw".)

And since Christmas is just around the corner, and I posted my Christmas card to my family group, I'm posting it here for you all, too!

I made the little gypsy girl a few months ago, and she is in another post. I made the little Christmas tree for this card.  The paper is a fractal art design.  I love the colors!

So I’ve shared what’s going on in my life, so now we’ll go on to my own FREE offerings today.  Just right click and save to your own computer.  Put a copy of my card in the folders you build, and you’ll always know where you got the graphics.  And, of course, it’s there for you to SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

Just right click and save to your computer.  All graphics are made by me!

Today’s graphics are: Top:  Blank Christmas card template for you to fill in and use yourself.  Two more blank templates (Happy Birthday) to make the next card with its matching flower design, and then the 4 cards, two for a guy, and two for a gal.  It’s a Happy Birthday card. The background is a fractal art design.  One is diagonal and the other is straight.  The last card is an “I Will Always Love You” card for someone special in your life.

I hope you’ll use them, and love them!

Remember to grab my card!

I’d appreciate any and all comments.  Please take a moment to leave one below.  And thanks!

Cj @ Grannies Print designs are to help grandparents and grown children reach out to those they love.  Closing the miles equal smiles (on their faces and in their hearts).  Make a connection again by sending a physical card so others will feel the joy of receiving REAL MAIL. Don’t let letter-writing and card-sending wither and die.  Keep it alive with the help of these graphics!  Enjoy!!!

You can also find me on Instagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.


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