Friday, November 25, 2016

A Small Lesson on Visualization

Good Friday (11.25.16) morning!  Today, I have a small lesson in how I create characters with visualization.  This is the letter V, and she stands for visualization.

Here is a word on visualization.

Definition of visualization:  the formation of mental visual images.  In the picture above, I show you examples using a tiny icon that have turned into a face, an arrow, a pen, and a bow.  You let your mind VISUALIZE what that icon could turn into.  Remember.  It doesn't have to be a perfect face or arrow or pen or bow.  But it's yours!

I use these icons often in playing a game called STRINGERS.  I developed it several years ago, and often use it when wanting to create something unique and fun!  A stringers items page would look something like this.

I have many of these from several years ago, and one day soon, on my blog, we will cover how to do STRINGERS.  But today, you can see I took item 2 above, and used it for my visualization V letter for today’s lesson.

Ways I might use my STRINGERS are below:

My finished project might look like this:

Back to visualization.  Here’s a diagram of how I would use a mandala I created to start a visualization for a new character.  This picture shows the steps I went through to reach my final creation.

In the top left box, you see the finished outline of my creature, and the mandala is ever so faint behind him.  If you zoom in on the picture, you can see the creature in the outline of the mandala.  It may not give you all of him, but all you need is seeing something to start from, and then taking it from there.

I improvised with the arms, hands and feet.  After I got my creature finished, it was time to add some color to him.  You see two different colored creatures above; one big, and one small.

You could also start with scribbling on a page.  You look deeply into the shapes till you find something interest to give you a start.  Turn the printed page around in each direction.  I often find two to five interesting starters.  It’s like seeing pictures in wood grains or in clouds.  Our brains recognize face shapes automatically, so it’s often easy to find a beginning creature to start.

If you have not tried this form of art play, I suggest you try it.  Many people use it or a variation.

Now, onto my own FREE offerings today.  Just right click and save to your own computer.  Put a copy of my card in the folders you build, and you’ll always know where you got the graphics.  And, of course, it’s there for you to SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!

Just right click and save to your computer.  All graphics are made by me!

Today’s graphics are: (top item is V (Vee), and you may use her in your art creations.)  Here are some put-together ideas for V!  V is Valery, Velma, or Hello from Vicky.  VOTE Today has past, but could be used for another voting period.

Today I've put together some fractal cards you might enjoy.  Here are 4.

Black Friday; Thankful!, Gone Shopping, and It's Black Friday.  (Yes it is!)

Here’s one last card with a joke in it and a quote.  This little worm guy started from just the two horns on his head.  I didn’t know he was going to be a worm till I got down to the bottom, and he just kind of “created himself”.

Okay!  That’s it for today’s graphics.  Use them with some pre-made cards and envelopes, and your cards will just take a minute to get together.

Remember to grab my card!

I’d appreciate any and all comments.  Please take a moment to leave one below.  And thanks!

Cj @ Grannies Print designs are to help grandparents and grown children reach out to those they love.  Closing the miles equal smiles (on their faces and in their hearts).  Make a connection again by sending a physical card so others will feel the joy of receiving REAL MAIL. Don’t let letter-writing and card-sending wither and die.  Keep it alive with the help of these graphics!  Enjoy!!!

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