Friday, November 18, 2016

Mixed Blessing for the Holidays

Good Friday (11.18.16) morning.  Although Thanksgiving is not until next Thursday, my family is experiencing mixed blessings for the holidays.

My step-mother, who mothered us since I was about 4 or 5, passed away last week.  She was looking to turn 89 in December.  While it was a surprise, I was expecting it.  I saw her this summer in June, thank heavens!

My sister drove in to MO from Atlanta, and my husband I drove from OH to MO.  One nephew flew in from New Mexico.  The rest of the family is in MO.

While it was wonderful to be altogether again, the reason was one of mourning and loss.  We did shed tears, but we also laughed a lot.  We had an amazing three days together.

The loss to my sister in MO was great; as she visited mom in the nursing home every week, and was looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with her.  She showed us the Christmas gift she had already purchased, and was sad that mom wouldn’t be here to receive it.

I had just sent off my letters that I send out every other week.  It went the day before I got the call.  My niece, Katie, helped her mom clean out my mom’s room at the nursing home, and ran across the letters mom had kept.  She said to her mom, “I didn’t know Aunt Carolyn was writing to grammy.  Can I keep these letters?”

Her mom said, “Yes.”  (I was so pleased Katie wanted them.)

The viewing for mom was on Monday at 3 pm.  The services were Tuesday at 10 am.  It was a beautiful service, and we all agreed that being together made it easier.

I got to reconnect with a nephew I hadn’t seen in some 25 years.

I am thankful for the way mom went.  She wasn’t feeling well that night, and the nurse came in to do a breathing treatment.  She got it started, and came back about 20 minutes later to find my mother had passed.

I think her death was fairly peaceful.  She had just visited with her daughter in MO the night of her passing, and she mentioned she wasn’t feeling well.

When I go, I hope it is peaceful.  I’m sure most of us want that.

So, this year, the holidays are filled with mixed emotions.  Gratefulness for all we do have, and some sadness for what we have lost.

I am currently busy getting all our pictures up on our FB family group page.  I got quite a few done yesterday, and have more for today, and probably through Sunday.

Since I was out of town all this week, I didn’t get as many graphics done.  But I hope you enjoy what I was able to get done!

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