Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Clever Ways to Catch Memories to Share

Good Wednesday morning.  Below are a few clever ways to catch memories to share.  (BTW, I have 10 FREE offerings today, so check them out!)

When you take pictures at an event, get them off your camera right away and into a Word document.  Add memories to each picture right then.  What were you feeling?  What were you trying to capture?  What was so special about this particular picture?  What event is it?  Who is there?  (Try to get one good picture of each person present.)  How is everyone related to each other? 

After you get it finished and edited, PDF it and save it.  Maybe send it out to each person who was present at the event.

Journal your memories.  Take a moment every evening or first thing the next day to jot down the overview for the present/past day.  What was the weather like that day?  Was it a normal routine day (make a list of your normal routine)?  Did your routine change in any way?  Did you have a home repair that day?  Did someone stop by for a visit?  Did you go somewhere unexpected?  Did you eat out that?  Did you go shopping?  Did you go to a medical visit of some kind?  Was there a special show that you watched?  Are binge-watching a series?  WHAT HAPPENED TODAY?

I read an article in ARRP magazine.  The husband bought his wife a beautiful journal for their first anniversary.  He put a lot of thought into its wrapping.  When she opened it, there was a journal entry for their first year of marriage together.  That was the gift.  It was the memory.  The book was only the way to hold the gift.

Before each anniversary, he asked for the book.  After writing his entry for that year, he carefully wrapped it again, and placed it where his wife would find it first thing the next morning.  Again, she would unwrap the book and read its contents.  He was very good at capturing the essence of what had happened each year.

This tradition continued each year.  Now after many, many years together, they have a book of cherished memories.

And when someone passes on, this becomes even more cherished!

Do you or your spouse have what it takes to do this kind of memory-keeping?  Wouldn’t it be fantastic!

With all that done, I’ve been building quick frame temples for you to use.  Go on and download these free goodies at Grannies Print Shop to make your scrapping easier.  Just make ONE card, and send it out!  See how good it feels, and stand back and wait for the reactions!

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.  First off!  This is Sky Blue Punk, and he is ready to get dressed for Halloween.  He doesn't have his mask on yet; see above.

Below:  This is card ready.

The next three items are quick frames.  Just put your picture in and decorate more, if you wish.

The next four items are accessories.  Add to them to accessorize more, and then put them on a card.

That's if for the graphics today.  If you buy some ready made cards and envelopes, half the battle is done.  Just add these graphics.  I like to print them out and paste onto cutup cereal boxes to get the firmness and last-ability.

Just right click and save to your own computer.  All graphics made by me.

Here's my card to share with others!  And thanks!

For ways to use these graphics, please check the first two weeks of posts.      

I appreciate any and all comments.

If you have trouble posting, try several times.  It took me a few times, and others have said that it was hard for them to post.  (You might also try right clicking on the comment to see if that brings it up.)

Have a terrific day, and see you Friday.

Cj at Grannies Print; designed to help grandparents reach out to their grandchildren, so that closing the miles equals smiles.  Make a connection again, and let your grandkids know you are thinking of them.  If you consider making a physical card, you are remembering how wonderful it used to be to receive REAL MAIL from friends and family.  It’s a dying art, so I hope you’ll help keep the tradition alive!

Also find me on Instagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.

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