Monday, September 12, 2016

Special Days and Ways to Build Remembrances with Kids

Good Monday morning.  Today's free offerings are "quick frames".  Make some special days and ways to build remembrances with your kids or grandkids.  And then, just add your pictures and go!

Looking around the web, I found that today is National Encouragement Day.  I sent out my letters this morning, and I made sure I put that in it.  (Actually, this one was on my desk calendar.)

Encouragement for kids:  Use the quick frames for adding pictures of your kids or grandkids.  Write word of their desirable traits they have with their pictures.  We all love encouragement, so be generous with it.

Another website at holiday insights said it was Chocolate Milk Shake Day.  Tasty!!!    Take some pictures of your kids or grandkids making a chocolate milk shake, and then enjoying it.  Put those pictures in your quick frames for special remembrances.

Do a search for an easy chocolate milk shake on the internet and everybody join in.

And for the month, it’s National Courtesy Month!  Could sure use a WHOPPIN’ amount of that today and every day!

Remember to model courtesy yourself for you kids or grandkids to see.  Kids often mimic the adults in their life; at least when they are very young.

According to, it is also National Line Dance week, starting today, and going through the 17th.  It’s always the second Monday of September and goes through Saturday.  (Wonderful site with a ton of information!).

I’d never thought about it, but I’ve done my share of boot-scooting in my day.  When my daughter was young, we even took a class on clogging.  Believe me.  It was so much FUN!  She mentioned it to me several months ago, and talked about much she had enjoyed it!  I did, too!  (We even had the shoes!!!)

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures back then, but this would have been a great remembrance! (Back then, we weren’t carrying cell phones with cameras everywhere.  They hadn’t become a part of our lives yet.)  Okay. I see the looks of horror on your faces, but it’s true!

I used to go to a club after my kids were grown up.  It was a bar for country dancing.  Wow!  That was fun!  I still have some dance instruction sheets from then.

It would be fun to do that with my grandkids.  I’d just have to re-learn one dance (from one of my dance sheets) or improvise, and try teaching that one dance to see if it’s something they would enjoy.  And remember to take some pictures.  My husband and I also had cowboy hats. 

Of if you own any of the JUST DANCE videos …. Hmmm!

Just think of the different ways to build special days to put in future projects.  It would make an astonishing scrapbook!

With the website at our fingertips, it’s perfectly easy to find ways to bring remembrance times into our nuclear family-unit!

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.  Here are the quick frames for today.

A little coloring fun today.
That’s it for the graphics today.
To make creating easier, you can buy blank cards with envelopes.  I use those from time-to-time, when I need a quick card in a hurry.
If you’d like to take the next step, and need tools to do it; look no further.  Go on!  Just right click, copy, save as, and start your journey today!  Put a smile on the faces of those you love.  Erase the miles between you.  It’s fun!  And now, it’s so easy.
Here’s my card to share, share, share with others!  And, thank you!
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I appreciate any and all comments.
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Have a terrific day, and see you Wednesday.
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