Friday, September 9, 2016

Family Facebook Pages

Good Friday morning, and today's free offerings are varied.

Does your family have a Facebook page for staying in touch?

I started one for our family August 1st.  I did it mainly because I wanted to be able to share all the pictures I was scrapping of our family.

As you know, I was sending “text” card pictures to my granddaughters each day.  But my data usage on my cell phone shot up so much that it’s just too expensive for me, now that I’m retired.

Also, I don’t like to post my granddaughters’ pictures on social media, even though I’ve done it previously.  Also, their mom does post her pictures on her Facebook page, but I still just can’t do it.  I worry so much about how the internet has changed, and don’t want to make them vulnerable in any way.

The solution for me was making a private family group for just the family members.  I did it, and it works great.  The girls can get their pictures there, as well as any of the other family members.  I am also trying to get them to post their pictures there as well.

So far, I only have one person doing that; posting his pictures, that is.

Once or twice a week, I put 4 pictures together in my graphics program and send out one text card containing the pictures to my granddaughters.  I will see how that effects my bill.

I have all my old photos, of me growing up, my sisters, my family, and then my kids growing up, too.  These are photos that my family would love to have.

My oldest son took all my pictures last year in the hopes of doing the same thing.  But, he was ultra-busy starting his own company, and he posted a few pictures and then just was too busy.

Once I retired, I asked for them back.  I got them at the end of August.  So I started scanning them, along with others on my computer, and scrapping them.  I post to the private family group every day.  Sometimes, it’s just the two granddaughters’ pictures, and other times it’s one to five or more family pictures.

I encourage people to share what they remember about the picture, but so far, it’s not really happening.  I still hope that they will do it, but this private family group page will be great when I’m no longer here.  I hope someone will keep it up when I’m gone, but I know one thing.  They will be so glad I took the time to post all my pictures.

Setting the page up is really easy.  Facebook walks you through it.  Because it’s closed, the only people to see all the postings are the family members I added.

So, if you and your kids and grandkids have tons of pictures to share, put them in one place for all the family to snag and enjoy!  And it keeps everyone safe, too!

If you’ve done this, and are enjoying it, please leave a note in comments about it.

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.

Above:  First is a coloring page for you to color.  Just a little "activity" fun for today.

Above:  This is how I colored mine.

Above:  Just a cutie to put on a card.

Above:  Another cutie for a card.

Above:  A card template.  Add your picture, and it's ready to go.

Above:  Another card template.  Add a picture to the top.  On the bottom grid, you can put a sentiment on a white or colored card, and place it just inside the plaid area.

I used this one for two pictures of me and my sister together on a recent trip.  I take coffee, so I wrote, “Coffee for me”, and on the bottom one I wrote, “Tea for NAME”.  I inserted her name instead of just saying name.

That’s it for the graphics today.
To make creating easier, you can buy blank cards with envelopes.  I use those from time-to-time, when I need a quick card in a hurry.

If you’d like to take the next step, and need tools to do it; look no further.  Go on!  Just right click, copy, save as, and start your journey today!  Put a smile on the faces of those you love.  Erase the miles between you.  It’s fun!  And now, it’s so easy.

Here’s my card to share, share, share with others!  And, thank you!

For ways to use these graphics, please check the first two weeks of posts.      

I’d appreciate any and all comments, and you can pick up my free journal coloring book by sending me an email to cjzphone at gmail dot com.  Allow 24 hours for a response.
If you have trouble posting, try several times.  It took me a few times, and others have said that it was hard for them to post.  You can also reach me at my personal email address, which is cjhampton at wideopenwest dot com.  (You might also try right clicking on the comment to see if that brings it up.)

Have a terrific weekend, and see you Monday.

Cj at Grannies Print; designed to help grandparents reach out to their grandchildren, so that closing the miles equals smiles.  Make a connection again, and let your grandkids know you are thinking of them.  If you consider making a physical card, you are remembering how wonderful it used to be to receive REAL MAIL from friends and family.  It’s a dying art, so I hope you’ll help keep the tradition alive!

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