Friday, September 16, 2016

Sharing the Heavens is Magical

Good Friday morning, and there's a full moon out this morning.  Today's free offerings are 12 in total!  Come check them out!

Oh yes, it’s a full moon out this morning. 

I even took my camera out, and shot a few shots!

There’s also a lunar eclipse (called Penumbral according to moongiant dot com), but we can’t see it in the U.S., although it’s visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and the West Pacific.  The next one we’ll be able to see will be 2017: Feb. 11th . (Again, it will be a penumbral eclipse.  Check more out on their website.)   On 1.31.18, a total eclipse will show in Western North America.

Why not share this type of information with your grandchildren?  There plenty of time to plan for the next lunar eclipse.  Either their parents can do it with them, or perhaps you can schedule a visit at that time, and do it with them YOURSELF.  (Take your camera!)

When my daughter was young, there were a few times we took a blanket outside at night, and laid under the stars.  We enjoyed just looking at the stars, and living in the country made them highly-visible.

Mostly we saw shooting stars.

I used to go running in the mornings around 4 or 5 am, and I was amazing how active shooting stars can really be.  Later, when I was working full-time, I’d see them driving into work, as I went in very early.  (I am a morning person!)
These are amazing times to share with your children.  Lying quietly, talking, and staring at the heavens is magical!

So c’mon and help yourself out.  Download these free goodies to make your scrapping easier.

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.  First off!  Here’s the new calendar for October.  Snatch it up, print it out, and use it all next month!

These are just two little accessories to add to your scrapping projects.

This could be used for the front of a card.  Would be cute!
And here is a paper for you to decorate yourself.
Here’s four quick frames ready for your pictures.  The border is a little different for each one.
I used the second frame above for this little card.
Here’s the first frame with my Duggie character.  Pronounced Due-gee.
That’s it for the graphics today.
To make creating easier, you can buy blank cards with envelopes.  I use those from time-to-time, when I need a quick card in a hurry.
If you’d like to take the next step, and need tools to do it; look no further.  Go on!  Just right click, copy, save as, and start your journey today!  Put a smile on the faces of those you love.  Erase the miles between you.  It’s fun!  And now, it’s so easy.
Here’s my card to share, share, share with others!  And, thank you!
For ways to use these graphics, please check the first two weeks of posts.
I appreciate any and all comments.
If you have trouble posting, try several times.  It took me a few times, and others have said that it was hard for them to post.  (You might also try right clicking on the comment to see if that brings it up.)
Have a terrific weekend, and see you Monday.
Cj at Grannies Print; designed to help grandparents reach out to their grandchildren, so that closing the miles equals smiles.  Make a connection again, and let your grandkids know you are thinking of them.  If you consider making a physical card, you are remembering how wonderful it used to be to receive REAL MAIL from friends and family.  It’s a dying art, so I hope you’ll help keep the tradition alive!
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