Monday, September 19, 2016

Making Memories This Fall

Good Monday morning, and I have a question for you.  Are you making memories for this fall?  We have 10 FREE offerings today, so check them out, and read about one memory you can plan today!

Starting off with a little coloring fun for today!

If you’re looking for good activities that make good memories; fall is perfect.  There are so many things you can do.

We’ve already missed the Sunflower Orchards, but next year would be a good time to think about that.

Meanwhile, we still have lots available.

With Thanksgiving coming up, we can now start to visit Pumpkin Farms.  I did a search for just that, and added Ohio, since I live there.  You can do a search and add your state.  Mine were broken down by counties.  The harvest season seems to start mid-September!  That’s right now!!!

What I found was a list of things offered at many.  Not all these items are at EVERY farm, but here’s a list of things offered at different farms I found.  Don’t be afraid to call and ask if they have “such and such”, as they may NOT have thought of that, and will add it next year.  It is a business, you know.

Take your cameras or use your cell phone camera, to capture everything!               

Activities to look for are:  pumpkin patches (in field or already picked), corn mazes, HAUNTED corn mazes, horse-drawn hay rides, tractor-pulled hayrides, pony rides, carriage rides, games, bouncy castles, moon bounces, jumping pillows, pumpkin sling-shot, face painting, balloon-making, scarecrow making, farm animals and petting zoos, pumpkin weigh-offs, train rides, group bonfires, and corn cannon.

For food items look for pumpkin pies, pre-picked produce or farm market, corn, honey from hives, apples and cider. 

Non-food items: Many also have Gourds, corn shocks, straw, landscape plants and herb starts.

And a lot have parties available for birthdays, weddings, wedding parties as well as school tours.  They may also have a gift shop, music, and, of course, porta-potties or restrooms.

There is still sometime this month to get it planned.  REMEMBER THE CAMERA, again.

And basically; go, have a good time, and snap shots of great memories.

So, today, I still have more quick frames for you enjoy putting your pictures into.  But I also have some other holiday items.  There is a pumpkin face, (sorry, next time; see below), and a few sunflowers.  So go ahead.  Download these free goodies to make your scrapping easier.

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.  First off!  Quick frames!


I did have 2 more to add to this set, but blogger wouldn't let me upload anymore.  It's frozen in there.

That’s it for the graphics today.
To make creating easier, you can buy blank cards with envelopes.  I use those from time-to-time, when I need a quick card in a hurry.
If you’d like to take the next step, and need tools to do it; look no further.  Go on!  Just right click, copy, save as, and start your journey today!  Put a smile on the faces of those you love.  Erase the miles between you.  It’s fun!  And now, it’s so easy.
Here’s my card to share, share, share with others!  And, thank you!

For ways to use these graphics, please check the first two weeks of posts.      
I appreciate any and all comments.

If you have trouble posting, try several times.  It took me a few times, and others have said that it was hard for them to post.  (You might also try right clicking on the comment to see if that brings it up.)
Have a terrific day, and see you Wednesday.

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