Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Halloween or Thanksgiving Card Graphics

Good Wednesday morning!  Halloween is just a little under 3 weeks away.  The 15 graphics today will help you get your cards made.  Do it with your children or grandkids and snap some pictures, while you’re at it.

The graphics for today, can be used for either Thanksgiving or for a Halloween card.  I added some graphics separated, and then all the smaller graphics are in one picture. Download, print, cut out and add to your card!  Or print, as it is.

Are you making any special plans for this Halloween?  A haunted house, perhaps?

In Columbus, Ohio, from September 3 through Oct 23, Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day Monday (10:30 am to 6 pm), there is the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  It sounds like tons of fun, although the prices are pretty steep; at least for me.

I think I’ll do something that doesn’t cost any money.

I was talking to my daughter the other day.  She is homeschooling her 6 year-old daughter. I home-schooled my own daughter for the last 5 years of her school years.   It was an amazing adventure, and she is very smart.  She went onto college several years later.

She’s usually busy on Tuesdays, but suggested I come over once a month on a Tuesday she’s not busy to enjoy and observe her process.  I told her that sounded like fun.  That way, I’ll have lots of pictures to enjoy and scrap for my granddaughter.

So whatever your pleasure is for making memories with those you love, and whether it involves going somewhere or taking it easy with a home-planned activity; just do it!

Now … let’s get on with graphics!!!

This is Stanley, sitting on a cushion. He's looking forward to Halloween, but he doesn't see Ollie, the spider overhead!

Above, you will notice that I gave you Thanksgiving and an extra pumpkin not on the original.

Last one: Here's the background with the border, too.

Just right click and save to your computer.  All graphics are made by me!

Okay!  That’s it for today’s graphics.  Use them with some pre-made cards and envelopes, and your cards will just take a minute to get together.

Please take a minute to save and print my card so you know where you got the graphics.  Just add it the folder.  It’s ready to go to send out with the things you made or to share with others who might be interested in picking up the graphics.  Share!  Share!  Share!

Cj @ Grannies Print designs are to help grandparents and grown children reach out to those they love.  Closing the miles equal smiles (on their faces and in their hearts).  Make a connection again by sending a physical card so others will feel the joy of receiving REAL MAIL. Don’t let letter-writing and card-sending wither and die.  Keep it alive with the help of these graphics!  Enjoy!!!

You can also find me on Instagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.


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