Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How Many More Sleeps till Halloween?

Good Wednesday (10.19.16) morning!  “How many more sleeps till Halloween?” my six-year-old granddaughter asks her mom.

“Twelve” her mom might respond, if they go out on the 31st.

I don’t know what night her neighborhood is going out yet.

But this a BIG question on every subject for this particular six-year-old child.

My daughter says that sometimes she feels like’s going crazy because it’s a daily question about anything happening or coming up.

Indeed, Halloween is a big time of year.  For children, and for many adults.

I remember I still went out when I was high school.  I finally stopped when I moved out of my family home and about four or five states away.

I’m sure you’re all dealing with the excitement from your own children.

So for today, I’ve continued to make some quick frames to put your children’s pictures in and also two cards.

I hope you enjoy them!

And now; on to the graphics!

Just right click and save to your computer.  All graphics are made by me!

Okay!  That’s it for today’s graphics.  Use them with some pre-made cards and envelopes, and your cards will just take a minute to get together.

Please take a minute to save and print my card so you know where you got the graphics.  Just add it the folder.  It’s ready to go to send out with the things you made or to share with others who might be interested in picking up the graphics.  Share!  Share!  Share!

I’d appreciate any and all comments.  Please take a moment to leave one below.  And thanks!

Cj @ Grannies Print designs are to help grandparents and grown children reach out to those they love.  Closing the miles equal smiles (on their faces and in their hearts).  Make a connection again by sending a physical card so others will feel the joy of receiving REAL MAIL. Don’t let letter-writing and card-sending wither and die.  Keep it alive with the help of these graphics!  Enjoy!!!

You can also find me on Instagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.


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