Monday, October 10, 2016

Making Memories with Games

Good Monday (10.10.16) morning!  Today, I'll be making memories with games.  I'm babysitting my six-year old granddaughter, and we are going to have fun!  The graphics today will help you get your own cards made.  Get your families involved, too!

My daughter has an appointment today, and can’t take her daughter.  So she asked me to come over and babysit for a few hours.

This little girl is a bundle of activity.  I thought, “How am I going to keep her busy?”

I put together about 3 games, which I made up.  I kept them simple as she is still very young.

One involves a deck of cards and pennies.

The second game I made up, see above Grannies Hangman card, and you never really lose, because IF you do lose on your turn, you still get to take a penny.  If you “connect”, you get 3 pennies.

The third, is called LET’S DO PICTURES, and I think it will be a lot of fun, as well as give me more pictures to scrap!  The photographer earns money, but you aren’t the photographer on every turn.

I’m also taking a couple of coloring pages, a stack of repurposed paper (blank on the back, and used on the other) for drawing and a DRAW ME sheet for items to practice.  This would be fun to do yearly at about the same time to see how differently we see things as we get older and more capable.

So.  I think I’ve got my bases covered for babysitting.  I must say, I am looking forward to it.

I made a bunch of graphics below to help you scrap out whatever you’re working on this week.  I hope you’ll use them.

There are 16 accessory banners that are blank as well as 16 with words.  I have two coloring pages, and 1 quick frame.  There is a second quick frame as an example and would make a cute card.

So now … onto the graphics!

Just right click and save to your computer.  All graphics are made by me!

Okay!  That’s it for today’s graphics.  Use them with some pre-made cards and envelopes, and your cards will just take a minute to get together.

Please take a minute to save and print my card so you know where you got the graphics.  Just add it the folder.  It’s ready to go to send out with the things you made or to share with others who might be interested in picking up the graphics.  Share!  Share!  Share!

I’d appreciate any and all comments.  Please take a moment to leave one below.  And thanks!

Cj @ Grannies Print designs are to help grandparents and grown children reach out to those they love.  Closing the miles equal smiles (on their faces and in their hearts).  Make a connection again by sending a physical card so others will feel the joy of receiving REAL MAIL. Don’t let letter-writing and card-sending wither and die.  Keep it alive with the help of these graphics!  Enjoy!!!

You can also find me on Instagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.


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