Friday, August 12, 2016

A Gift for Your Grandchildren

Good Friday morning to you!

This would make a wonderful, and very personal gift for your grandchild or grandchildren.

My eldest granddaughter is getting ready to turn "sweet sixteen" this year.  It's happening very soon.

I started sending text pictures to both my granddaughters about May 29th or 30th.  They get one a day.  I have so many pictures of them on my computer; ones I've snagged from Facebook, and text pictures my daughter has sent to me.

Perhaps you do, too!

Last year, my eldest granddaughter wanted some baby pictures of herself.

I went sorting through all the old, old pictures I had, and guess what?  I had enough to fill a scrapbook!

I bought a lovely scrapbook from Michael's Store and started.  It allowed for about 30 pictures.

Many were already scrapped.  Others, I went on and scrapped.  And then, there were those that were JUST the pictures.

Can you imagine the delight of YOUR OWN GRANDCHILDREN when they open up a very personal scrapbook that you made JUST FOR THEM?

It would fill your heart with joy, believe me!  And theirs, too!

This is a gift that will last a lifetime.

You can go the physical scrapbook route or use them to make a book online.

Another easier way is to use the pictures you collect, and put them in a Word document.  At the end of a month or more, you could PDF the Word document, and put it on disk.

Gift-wrap it, and you've got a marvelous gift!

If they live out-of-state, mail it to them.

If you keep in touch by email, just attach the PDF to the email.

Imagine the look of surprise, astonishment, and glee as they discover what you made for them.  It's so very PERSONAL!

Today's pictures are just for such a book.  The ones featured on this blog are for that.  Others are for sending very real "snail mail" that will also fill them with glee. All free for you to decorate and use yourself.

Today's picture is what I call a TEXT CARD, because that's how I use them.  And you can, too.

I do store all the pictures along with the date I sent them in a Word document.  My granddaughters are both to get a copy of theirs.  One for her birthday, and the other because she's much younger, and I don't want her to feel left out.

Your own children, the parents of your grandkids, will also enjoy this, too!  They can send a copy of this gift to anyone else they choose.

On each page of my Word document, I put the date and insert the picture.  I enlarge it to fill the whole page by click on the picture, and pulling it to the size I wish.

Put on photo paper and print one to fill a frame.  Choose a different picture once a week or once a month to display!  How wonderful!

They could also put them in a notebook with page protectors.  I've done this, too.  It's wonderful to pick it up and go through it.  Great for the coffee table or bookshelf.

Plastic-covered notebooks, that hold a cover, are great, too.  Make a collage of some of the pictures inside.

What a great memory keeper!

All cards on this blog are designed by me.  So please; help yourself to these free graphics to thrill your kids, grandkids, or maybe a mom in a nursing home.

Terrific project!!!

Today's card starts with a background fractal as the base.  (I love doing fractals.) 

The little green critter is Myrtle, and she was born yesterday.  She is a part of a group I created called Funky Punk Critters.  I also did Mirna, another critter, but she's not a part of today's card.

The girl is Sally.  I did her on 6.27.15.  When I designed Sally, I did her many different ways.  Here's a shot of some of them.

So now onto the card itself:  There is a blank to put your own loved ones picture in the box.  Add your words, and you're all set.  See more specific instructions below on how to use the cards.

And here is the card for today.

Just insert into Word; resize and add your picture and words!

Here's the one with Sally, if you just want to add your words without a picture.  You can still send a message to your loved ones.  Kind of like a "meme".

Just add words and send.

Here's the breakdown to use this card.

I've kept my name off the projects.  Instead, I ask you to let others know about me when sending your gift by printing a copy of this card.  It will direct them to my blogspot, and I appreciate that so much.

To do this project yourself, follow these instructions.

HOW TO USE THESE GRAPHICS:  To size it how you want, right click on the picture and choose "save as" to a location on your computer (so you can find it!).

Now open your Word document.  Go to the Insert tab and click picture; now go pull it up.

After it is in Word, you can click that picture, which will cause the corners to be activated with little squares.  Grab one corner (I usually do the bottom right corner), and pull it downward and to the right edge of the paper.  Make an 8 x 10, a 5 x 7, or any size you want. 

Once you have the picture in Word, you can right-click on it and choose copy.  Go to a new line, and right-click and choose paste.  It will be the same as the one you copied, but click on it, and stretch to the new size you want.  It's magic!

If you're using the blank card, make a size that will work with your picture.

I don't use original pictures in mine, but scan and save to my computer.  That way, I can resize, lighten, crop, add something special to it!  This way I still retain my original!

Print out your picture, cute and glue them in your text card base, and you've got a picture or text card.

I usually take a picture of this finished card if I want to text it my loved one!  And I've got my Word document for future physical gifts.

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Thanks again!

Cj at Grannies Print; designed to help grandparents reach out to their grandchildren, so that closing the miles equals smiles.  Make a connection again, and let your grandkids know you are thinking of them.  If you consider making a physical card, you are remembering how wonderful it used to be to receive REAL MAIL from friends and family.  It’s a dying art, so I hope you’ll help keep the tradition alive!

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