Monday, August 29, 2016

Smile Cards Will Make Them Smile

Good Monday morning!

Smiles can make you appear more attractive.  If you give one away, you often receive one back.

A smile can make a gloomy day feel a whole lot better.

A smile costs you nothing to give it away.  It’s a free gift, so smile, smile, smile!

A smile is positive, and it is understood in any language.

And smiles are contagious.

A smile is healthy.

It’s a little thing but with big results.

So go on, and put a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like it.  The “feel good” feeling will kick in!  And that, my friend, is a great thing to spread around.

Now go on and choose one of the templates today, and make some smile cards.  This is another great way to make those you like and love feel good, too!

My purpose here on this blog is simply to share some tools to make it easier to make cards of your own to send out to your grandchildren, moms, or friends.  If you need some communication tools, I’ve already done the creative work, and made a template for you to use.  I hope you do use them.

And now, onto the REAL SHARING.

Here is one template for one today.  The first one is with a Funky Punk Critter: Whiplash, as the example.

The base of the card is a fractal creation done by me.  This one could be used as a card front.

Here is the same card with a different saying.  Again, this could be a card front.

Here, below, are four blanks for you to add YOUR picture.

Here is the blank to the lead-in picture.

And four more blanks.


This little critter is Blip.  Sure he’ll bring a smile to your face!  And to the people who receive the card.  Just look up some “smile quotes”, and add them to the template!

All of these are also fractal based templates to add to a card.  You can buy blank cards with envelopes.  I use those from time-to-time, when I need a quick card in a hurry.

 If you’d like to take the next step, and need tools to do it; look no further.  Go on!  Just right click, copy, save as, and start your journey today!  Put a smile on faces.  Erase the miles between you.  It’s fun!  And now, it’s so easy.

 If you take the challenge, here's my card to pass around, to send out with physical cards, and just to share, share, share! Help spread the word.  It’s totally free.

For ways to use these graphics, please check the first two weeks of posts.      

I’d appreciate any and all comments, and you can pick up my free journal coloring book by sending me an email to cjzphone at gmail dot com.  Allow 24 hours for a response.

If you have trouble posting, try several times.  It took me a few times, and others have said that it was hard for them to post.  You can also reach me at my personal email address, which is cjhampton at wideopenwest dot com.  (You might also try right clicking on the comment to see if that brings it up.)

Have a terrific weekend, and see you Wednesday.

Cj at Grannies Print; designed to help grandparents reach out to their grandchildren, so that closing the miles equals smiles.  Make a connection again, and let your grandkids know you are thinking of them.  If you consider making a physical card, you are remembering how wonderful it used to be to receive REAL MAIL from friends and family.  It’s a dying art, so I hope you’ll help keep the tradition alive!

Also find me on Intagram at cj.hampton.  Thanks.

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