Friday, August 5, 2016

Art Used To Portray Grandchildrens' Greatest Attributes

While my eldest granddaughter is a beautiful girl, this is a physical side of her.  I don’t want her to always be concentrating on the outside.

What I want to call attention to are what her greatest attributes are and who she is on the inside.  Art is good to use for this.

When you see such a generous spirit, that’s a great focus.

When you meet someone who would give you the last bite of their candy bar, EVERY TIME, that is an amazing thing.

So when I created this art, I was focusing on GENEROSITY.

This would be for a text template.  I would put the person’s picture in it, take a picture, and then text the picture to them with a message.  (Of course, you could also use the first one as a card.)  The picture is 625 x 659 pixels, jpg, 1.19 MB.

The second card is with a blank.


You would need to cut your picture to fit it in. 

To size it how you want it, right click on the picture and choose save as.  Save it to a location on your computer so you can find it.

Now open a new Word document.  Go to the Insert tab and choose picture.  Find the saved picture on your computer and insert it into Word.

When you click on the new image, you’ll see the four corners have little squares.  You can grab any corner and drag it to the size you wish.

Now you can right click and copy this new size, and paste it under that picture on the beginning of a new line. 

Makes several copies different sizes, and print them. 

Choose the size that works with the picture of your card recipient.  Cut and glue them in, and you’ve got a card or text card.

If you’d like to put the pieces together yourself, try these.  Just follow the instructions already given for saving them and printing them out.


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Thanks for your time.  See you again on Monday!

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