Wednesday, August 3, 2016


I know you like making someone feel special. In my case, I love to make my granddaughters feel special.
The letters they get every other week tell them that they are very special to me.
If you would like to do the same, I’ve created some art work for you to print out, and use it to brighten someone’s day.
Below, you will find items to help you do just that.
I did not put the BlogSpot name on it today.  Instead, there is a card with my info on it to share with the items you create from your prints that you might send out.  This is just to let others know to visit my blog.
I hope you enjoy all the offerings today!  I know I enjoyed creating them.
First, here is the paper.  Size is 940 x 1040 pixels: 2.8 MB.
The second shows the daily pattern of paper:  940 x 1040 pixels: 1.8 MB.
This is template 1 and 2:  both 940 x 1040 pixels: 2.8 MB.  One with shadow; one with none (on the white boxes).
If I was mailing it out, the envelope would look like this:  The full envelope is in the pdf version.  (To get it:  leave a comment; see more info below).  The full size envelope is 5 and half x 4 inches when finished.
And example of how to use the text template / or use it as a card.  940 x 1040 pixels: 3.7 MB.

Instead of putting family pictures on my blog, I use little characters I’ve created.  I just feel it’s safer for those I love.  It protects their privacy. 
The goal here is for YOU to put YOUR LOVED ONES in the boxes and add the words you wish to the colored boxes.  Decorate them however you wish.  (Remember to send my card out with any finished cards you mail … so others will come pick up their own.)  You may decide to just use the one above as your card.
My main posting day will be Mondays.
But since this is a new blog, I’d thought I’d post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week.  I want to get some traffic coming in.  Please help me do that by sharing this blog with your friends.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your own blog or website, etc.  Thanks!
Here's the stationary.  One for a girl; one for a boy.  940 x 1040 pixels: 3.7 MB.
Yesterday was National Coloring Book day, and I didn’t post yesterday.  But, I do have a coloring page for you to enjoy.  It will appear with many others in a future coloring book.  I have several ready to go.

If you would like the pdf version of all the items listed her today, please leave a comment.  Send me your email at cjzphone at gmail dot com.  (Trying to avoid spam.)  This will also put you on my email list.
Please give me 24 hours to respond.
I hope you take this, and make something special for someone this week or next!
Cj at Grannies Print Shop (blogspot dot com)
I appreciate any and all comments.  Please share the blog with family friends.
Questions?  Leave them the comments.
Thanks!  / Cj

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