Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cards for Kids and Grandkids

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Good Wednesday morning!!!

It's a hot day in my house ... our air-conditioning is out!  It got up to 91 degrees inside yesterday.

But ... enough of that!

As you know, I do text cards to my grandchildren everyday.  And today, I also did one for my kids!

The Funky Punk Critters in the card today are Funky Punk, Myrtle, and Lime Licky.  I now have 16 of these engaging little critters, and I will be adding to their population.  I just love making them.

What do you think?

As always, this text card, where you put your own picture in, is available for you to pick up ... absolutely free.  Just make sure you send others to my blogspot to pick up their own.  As always, please include a card to pass along with any finished projects, such as making this into a card.

And now for today's card.  The first shows one for a girl.

Girl's card
Boy's card
Just for me; that's me!  This one is for MY KIDS.
I could also put Grannie on it for my grandchildren, but I did one for them with their own pictures.
That's really it for today!
Well, my cursor is stuck to the middle and won't let me go back to regular paragraphs.
For instructions to use this card, look at the first seven blog posts.  They are very helpful.
I'd appreciate any comments you might have.
Thanks for your time.
Cj / Grannie at
Start connecting again.
Closing the miles equals smiles!

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